Check out the stuff we love to work with, stay safe online, and play! The Techno Dojo will provide you with a plethora of content for computer parts, software, accessories, video games and consoles.

Protection Software for PCs and Mac

If you’re looking for protection we can suggest Malwarebytes and NOD 32. While Malwarebytes started as a simple “Trojan Cleaner” they’ve long since become the top dog when it comes to Windows and Mac protection. Second Place would be NOD32. Endorsed by Leo Lapport’s “Tech Talk and a long-standing underdog, NOD32, is far leaner on your PCs processes than freemium antiviruses’ like “AVG” or Norton and McAfee.

Back Up Software for PCs and Mac

The “Drive” backups are the best we’ve run. Google Drive is great for pretty much anything and amazon drive works well for content purchased through their platform while OneDrive is made for Microsoft but can be used on Mac and Apple devices.

Windows Operating Systems

Non Windows OS Bootable Operating Systems and Training

Computing Chairs

We suggest the Steelcase chairs over the under-priced or overpriced “bucket Seat” in “Pro Gaming” chairs due to the long-standing durability and quality of Steelcase Products.

Pre-Owned and Refurbished PCs for office

We’ve got hundreds of refurbished PCs and Laptops. Just call our number at the top of the page and we’ll be able to get you’re order filled!