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We collect your IP and the data provided from your contact form for record, protection from mass-spamming, and records for meta-data tracking. We do not sell or redistribute any personal information.

Customer Agreement and Limited Labor and Services Warranty

All New Parts and Labor is covered for 1 year from the date of services or repair free of hardware failure. This does not include damage occurring after the repair and non-affiliated issues with the repair. By paying for services and repairs you agree to this Limited Labor and Service Warranty. Compu Sensei and it’s employees are not libel for future damage done to a device after the repair and in person quality check has been performed with the customer, however, if the part replaced (hard drive, LCD, GPU, CPU, Motherboard, or other hardware) fails within 1 year of replacement and service the Customer may contact Compu Sensei and provide the invoice number, the date of the service and repair provided, and cost Compu Sensei will provide a free diagnostic on said device to find the fault and if the part is found to be the problem, have it replaced, however, if the part that is faulty is found to be damaged and no longer in the condition that it was installed (New in the box), infected with viruses (after a tune up and virus removal) with the Compu Sensei free protection Provided, or over the 1 year warranty the customer agrees to hereby waive all liability and responsibility to Compu Sensei. Compu Sensei does not cover “Acts of God” or “User Fault and Error” such as “Overclocking”, using the device in ways it was not intended, and the occasional “I threw it against the wall”- these will void any and all Labor, Service, and Part Warranties thus releasing Compu Sensei and it’s staff from any liability therein.

Purchase Limited Warranty

All Preowned and Refurbished Units are given a 24 point quality assurance check before shipping and are sold as-is at the time of sale with a 14-day warranty for credit or an exchange. All Custom Built PCs are given a 28-Point-Inspection before shipping and come with a 1 year parts exclusive manufacturer warranty and if they are returned must be returned in a like-new condition with all parts included that were accounted for and delivered at the time of purchase including a copy of the Invoice, Proof of Residence, Federal or State ID, and transaction ID number (Compu Sensei is legally required to keep all records of all parts, serial numbers of parts, and model identification numbers for every unit produced for 3 years from the purchase date in the state of California). Compu Sensei will then perform a full 28-Point-Inspection of the returned hardware and report the findings to the purchaser before issuing a credit, refund or different. If the parts are found damaged and not internally defective the warranty will be voided. Compu Sensei does not warranty user damage, viral system failures, ransomware, water damage, damaged/faulted hardware or “acts of god” and these will void the warranty. The warranty included covers the failure of parts for 1 year from the date of purchase as covered by the California Publication 119 of the Warranties and Maintenance Agreements. If the customer wishes to have a faulty part replaced they may request a copy of the invoice from Compu Sensei at any time with Proof of Purchase, Federal or State ID, picture of the faulty part, and the part’s serial number and model or the customer may cover the shipping to return the part to Compu Sensei to process the RMA. Compu Sensei is not libel for any damages done to the units or parts of the devices after customer use. Any unit D-O-A must be reported within 7 days of shipping and reported to Compu Sensei and the shipping company as-soon-as-possible for processing and correction. Units “returned” with missing/damaged/wrong serial number parts will be reported to the local, state, and federal law enforcement and the financial institution for fraud and no refund provided. For extended warranties and national repairs please contact Compu Sensei through the quotes form for more information.